Losing Steam On Right To Work - For Less

The NH House of Representatives passed three anti-worker bills during session on Wednesday that did not come close to having a veto over-ride majority.  HB 1677, which would have prohibited public sector employees from collective bargaining, passed the House by a vote of 198 - 139, far short of the votes needed to secure a veto over-ride.  The bill moves to the Senate where it's fate is uncertain - the whispers at the statehouse are that the Senate wants nothing to do with these controversial bills during an election year.

As an aside, there was much talk at the statehouse today about Representative Shawn Jasper's loss in his run for selectman in Hudson.  Jasper, a member of the GOP House leadership, has been a selectman in Hudson for 16 years.  Jasper was heard to mutter today that labor "got him", a reference to the work put in by the Hudson fire fighters in opposing his candidacy because of his staunch anti-worker views.

It may be more than a coincidence that the veto sustaining margin on the labor bills is growing as voters get opportunities to continue to send messages to the legislature.  Jobs and the economy, please.  Or else.