On Tuesday, April 17th, nearly 60 people turned out in Farmington and Dover to protest the injustice in our tax system.  Wealthy corporations, like GE, and wealthy individuals, like Mitt Romney, pay a much smaller percentage of their income in federal taxes than most working Americans.  GE paid $0 in federal income tax on 2010 profits of more than $14b.  And Mitt Romney paid federal taxes of only 13.9% on his income of more than $20m.  What makes Mr. Romney's case so special is that he's running around the country promoting the Ryan budget which will further reduce his tax burden while gutting funding for Education and Housing.

You can visit the Farmington Democrats website to see pictures of their protest.  Here's a link to a brief story in the Foster's Daily Democrat on the Dover protest.

Enjoy the photos!  What's next?