Republicans Continue to Attack Public Education

Kook Klaims Kindergarten Konverts Kids into Kriminals!

Representative Bob Kingsbury (R-Laconia) told the Belknap County Convention that research he's been conducting for the last 16 years has led him to believe that kindergarten programs leads to higher crime rates, the Laconia Daily Sun reported. Kingsbury, one of the more conservative legislators in the Tea Party-controlled House, said that his analysis was of local crime rates in communities that offered kindergarten versus those that do not offer the educational program.

"We're taking children away from their mothers too soon," Kingsbury said, who also linked higher crime to the lack of boxing classes in high schools.  The story is ridiculous enough that the Huffington Post featured it!

Of course, 40 years of research by actual experts determined that while schooling young children as not a substitute for good parenting, it does provide provide children with different experiences.  For children who are born into high poverty conditions, or who have a lack of good parenting, early childhood education leads to more stable and successful futures.

So what Representative Kingsbury is really saying is that he doesn't want children from disadvantaged situations to have a chance for a bright future.  His philosophy is to keep the boundary between the disadvantaged and the advantaged in this country strong.

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Representative Robert Kingsbury New Hampshire House of Representatives

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