A New Addition To Our Thank Democrats Bumper Sticker Selection

The Strafford County Democratic Committee is delighted to announce a new addition to our Thank Democrats bumper sticker selection! It’s this one:

We have placed displays with these beautiful new stickers in the OFA offices in Dover and Rochester, and they are also available in the Manchester and Concord OFA offices.  You can buy them for $1 each in person, or online at ActBlue Thank Democrats for $2 each, postage included.  We hope to see hundreds of these on car bumpers all around New England and the rest of the country.  Get yours now!  You can buy 100 for $75.  

Our Thank Democrats bumper stickers are still available online and at the local offices:  

They are: Got Medicare? Thank Democrats.    Got Social Security? Thank Democrats.    Got Equality? Thank Democrats.    Got Pell Grants? Thank Democrats.    Got Vets’ Benefits? Thank Democrats.  


For bulk orders, you can mix and match any of the six messages.  Buy some now to give to your friends and relatives!

The Dover Organizing for America office is at 660 Central Ave. and the Rochester OFA office is at 63 Hanson St.

For more information about purchasing bumper stickers and or for bulk orders, call Salme Perry at 742-2043.