Foster's Article on Rich Leonard

Excellent article in the Foster's today on Rich Leonard, candidate for NH Senate, District 6.  Rich's life experience and common sense make him the best possible choice for this position.  Here's a teaser from the article, but do go read the whole thing:

As a grandfather who continues to operate his New Durham-based farm Miller Farm, caring for horses and producing apples, peaches and maple syrup, Leonard said he will strive for "common sense legislation," regarding education, the environment, small business, jobs and health care. He said for example, regarding proposed legislation to eliminate public kindergarten, he is "staunchly opposed." For discussion circling Medicare, he said he is "very much concerned" as to what a state-operated program could change in the existing system.  

Could we be lucky enough to have Rich in the NH Senate?  I think we could be, if you're willing to help him.

Please visit Rich's website to see more about him and offer help.