Hands Across NH

In Support of the Opposition to Northern Pass

Saturday, September 1, from 3:00 - 3:30 PM.

Farmington: intersection of Routes 11 and 153, Saturday, September 1, from 2:30 - 4:00 PM, sponsored by the Farmington Democrats

Hands Across New Hampshire is a PEACEFUL, NONVIOLENT, FAMILY-FRIENDLY event to show opposition to the Northern Pass towers and Trailbreaker Pipeline. Our vision is quite simple: to wear orange and hold hands from 3-3:30 on Sat, Sept. 1 in locations throughout the state. Our hope is to draw attention to these environmentally damaging projects in a peaceful, fun, and caring show of solidarity with our neighbors, our families, and friendly folks who care about the health and beauty of New Hampshire. Hands Across New Hampshire is about education, not confrontation. We have no intention of engaging in civil disobedience at this time. Please note that while we welcome all participation, Hands Across New Hampshire does NOT condone unlawful activity, confrontation or antagonistic actions. If you are coming from far away and need a place to stay, we ask that you find a campground or other accommodation in the area. Accommodations are listed on the website at handsacrossnh.wordpress.com. For more information, please email HandsAcrossNH@gmail.com.

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