Successful Visibilities In Four Strafford County Towns Get the Word Out About The Romney/Ryan Economic Plan

The August 30 Day of Action was organized as an opportunity to make people aware of the harshness of the Romney/Ryan economic plan.  On the day Romney accepted his party's nomination, Strafford Democrats took to the streets and highlighted just how harmful their economic plan would be for middle class citizens.

The event was coordinated in four locations in Strafford County, with four town Democratic Committees hosting events in their towns. As with all our coordinated events, towns can opt to participate of not, and each event is separately organized and implemented by the individual town committee.  These visibilities occurred from 4:00 PM until 6:00 PM.  Participants held signs protesting  the Romney/Ryan ticket and the Republican agenda as bad for America, particularly the middle class.  The only way to strengthen the middle class is to re-elect President Obama and let him continue the path to recovery and progress that we have been on for the past four years.

In Farmington, Lee, Rochester, and Northwood, people held signs that warned of increasing taxes on the 99% in order to lower them for the 1%.  One sign equated the Romney/Ryan ticket to the duo of "Rob-me/Ruin", highlighting the robbing of the Middle class, resulting in a ruined future for America.

While there were some folks who did not agree with our message, there were plenty of horns blowing and hands waving back at us as we pointed out the severity and extremism of the Republican agenda.  Folks stopped to say thanks and offer support.  One person who had mistakenly given a Farmington activist a hard time because he mistakenly thought the group had supported the Republican agenda actually turned around and came back to apologize!  After reading our signs more carefully, the gentleman realized he had made a mistake and we were actually on his side.  He felt he had to come back and apologize, so that we knew he was on our side.

Democrats and progressives are the nicest people!

Next on the agenda, the Farmington Democrats will be back at the intersection of Routes 11 and 153 on Saturday, September 1, from 3:00 until 3:30.  This time, we are participating in Hands Across Hew Hampshire.  The protest seeks to gather support for our North County neighbors, helping them stop the  Northern Pass project from destroying our forest ecosystems and scenic views by cutting a swath through our New Hampshire forests to build huge towers carrying high voltage electricity from Canada to New York.  We will have some signs letting people know what we are all about and why we are doing it!  Come join us as we hold hands for a half hour in silent, but effective protests.  For more information, visit

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