He Left Them Scratching Their Heads.

The "Them" being the Foster's editorial board.  The "He" being Sam Cataldo.

Sam is the GOP primary winner for NH senate district 6, which encompasses the towns of Alton, Barnstead, Farmington, Gilmanton, New Durham, and Rochester.  Sam took the stealth approach to campaigning in the primary - he raised virtually no money - and he beat veteran Rochester politician Dick Green to win the nomination.  He will face Democrat Rich Leonard in the general election in November.

But it's Mr. Cataldo's interview with Foster's editorial board that is worth re-visiting, including this:
Also troublesome is that Cataldo appears to have become a slavish foot soldier, bragging that he has agreed with the leadership of House Speaker Bill O'Brien "99 percent of the time."

This includes allowing students to carry guns on college campuses and slashing funding to the University of New Hampshire as punishment for an bloated bureaucracy.  When asked to explain the latter, Cataldo could offer no proof other than what he read on the House floor prior to voting (facts which he couldn't remember).

Worth a quick read.