NH Citizens Alliance Rally For Medicaid Expansion Today-Wednesday, May 29th 4-5pm,Sidewalk Outside O Steak and Seafood, 11 South Main Street Concord

On Wednesday, State Senators Bragdon, Forrester, Morse, and Odell voted to pull Medicaid expansion from the state budget, sacrificing billions in federal dollars and hundreds of jobs. But the it’s not over yet! Please read below about upcoming events where you can help fight back. Even if you can’t make it, please sign the petition.

It appears that these Senators are willing to leave 22,300 more hardworking Granite Staters uninsured for the sake of party politics. They claim that accepting the federal funds is a “gamble” even though they know D.C. has always kept its Medicaid promises, especially during recessions. They also know that New Hampshire can decide to opt-out of Medicaid expansion later, unlike the programs they keep falsely comparing it to. Denying or even delaying Medicaid expansion will hurt the health of Granite Staters.

NH Citizens Alliance is gathering Medicaid expansion supporters for a rally outside Senate President Bragdon’s $100-per-person fundraiser. Senator Bragdon’s vote on this is especially troublesome because he wouldn’t make time to meet with constituents to discuss Medicaid expansion before his vote, despite multiple requests. There will be plenty of signs, but feel free to bring your own! Be sure to invite your Facebook friends.

Where: Sidewalk outside O Steak and Seafood, 11 South Main St., Concord
When: Wednesday, May 29, 4-5pm
RSVP: Email Jillian at jdubois@nhcitizensalliance.org, helpor say you’ll come on Facebook.