John Nichols Author Of "Dollarocracy"- Portsmouth Library 2-4 PM & Exeter, NH Episcopal Church 7 PM On Sunday 3/9/14

John Nichols author of "Dollarocracy"
 Portsmouth, NH Library 2-4 pm
 Exeter, NH Episcopal Church 7 pm on Sunday 3/9/14

"This is the black book of politics-as-industry, an encyclopedic account of money's crimes against democracy ... Dollarocracy is an impressive achievement."
—Thomas Frank

"John Nichols and Bob McChesney make a compelling, and terrifying, case that American democracy is becoming American dollarocracy."
—Naomi Klein

"I hope Dollarocracy reaches a large audience, not just among journalists but among the citizens who will produce the next journalism, so we can all move toward a more open, competent, and trustworthy press."
—Bill Kovach