LTE -Yes For Lee

To the editor: 

I urge all registered voters in Lee to show up at the polls on Tuesday, March 11. Further, I encourage you to vote yes on Article 4 which will not cost the town anything, but affirm that Lee would like to join with numerous other towns across New Hampshire to amend our Constitution.

Currently 16 other states have signed onto a proposition urging (in various words) that 1. Constitutional rights were established for people, not corporations, and 2. Money is not speech, and, therefore, regulating political contributions and spending is not the same as regulating speech.

We ask that our elected state and national representatives bring forth laws to this effect, or as we move forward, we, as a nation, will amend the constitution the same way that women earned their right to vote.

This is a bipartisan proposition as there is no advantage to either party when there is a lack of transparency in our political system and the money that funds it. Join me on March 11 and vote to put the election process back in the hands of the people.

Ann Wright