NH House Is Scheduled To Vote On Death Penalty Repeal Bill – HB 1170 – On March 12th

The NH House is scheduled to vote on the Repeal Bill – HB 1170 – on March 12 (not March 5 or February 19 as previously planned). HB 1170 is a bi-partisan bill for repealing the death penalty in NH. You can help by signing this petition and contacting your legislators.
  • HB 1170 eliminates the death penalty from all state statutes.
  • Those crimes which currently can be classified as “capital murder” will still be classified as “first degree murder,” the mandatory penalty for which is life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.
  • It does not affect anyone currently on death row in NH.


  • Over 140 people in the US have been released from death row because they were innocent. As long as the death penalty is an option, there is a real and unacceptable risk of executing an innocent person.
  • The death penalty is unfair. All over the US, statistics show that if you are poor and from a minority community, you are much more likely to receive the death sentence for the same crime than if you are white and wealthy.
  • The legal costs for death penalty cases is 3 to 5 times more than the cost of incarceration for life. NH has spent over $5 million on the Addison case alone. Our tax money could be better spent on victim services and cold cases.
  • There is no conclusive proof that the death penalty deters violent crime or makes our communities safer. Life in prison without parole is adequate punishment for murderers.
  • The government should not be in the position of executing its citizens. Moreover, guards, doctors, nurses and and prison wardens who are forced to execute prisoners often suffer PTSD for years.
  • The drawn-out court cases and appeals elevates the story of the killer while it denies the real victims the healing and closure they need.
  • Killing another person for any reason is immoral. Why do we kill those who kill to show that killing is wrong?
 For more information about abolishing the death penalty visit NH Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty.

Keep up with progress of bill through the House here.