Strafford Town Democratic Committee's 6th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Dinner Recap/Photos

Strafford Town Democratic Committee's 6th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Dinner was a great success last night. As always they had the Bow Lake Grange Hall decked out in festive decor, orange and green this time. The Grange is always packed for their events, but this year the attendance was super-sized. Stan said the homemade corned beef and cabbage was very tasty and from the vegetarian side I can tell you the lentil loaf was moist and savory. They had carrots, potatoes, and turnips to round out the meal and Regina Flynn made Irish soda bread that wasn't to be missed. There were an assortment of fresh desserts for after the meal, but most people were too full to sample many of the delicious after dinner treats.

Regina was MC of the event and she keep everything moving smoothly for the night. George Maglaras, Chair of the Strafford County Commissioners, gave attendees an outline of happenings at the county level. George talked about the successes they have been able to produce, focusing on Strafford County's changing corrections and rehabilitation system. Representative Carol Shea-Porter was next to speak. Carol told us a few stories about working with her colleagues in Congress that provided insight and laughter. She went over some of the successes she felt were important to address, then turned to talking about some of the bipartisan efforts she has been present for. She ended by outlining some of what we could do to help in the upcoming election cycle. NH Representative Bob perry was the last person to address the crowd and he chose to close with detailing the importance of repealing Citizens United. He provided updates on what some communities are doing deal with corporate person-hood. Bob gave us some laughs, not all intentional which made for a fine finish for the guest speakers. Finally, the committee had there famous basket raffle. You can take a look at some of those below.

If you've never been to one of Strafford Town Democratic Committee's events, keep your eyes open for them. The crowd is always warm and welcoming; the events are well worth attending whatever the theme and worth every penny you spend.