Today NH Senate Decides On Whether To Repeal The Death Penalty.

New Hampshire Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty
From the NH Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty:

Today the NH Senate decides on whether to repeal the death penalty. The Boston Globe weighed in this morning on our movement, agreeing that NH can do without this violent punishment. Most of NH's newspapers have also come out in support. We've had coverage in the NY Times, Washington Post, and other papers around the country and world. A film crew from the UK is in town to capture the proceedings.
Members of the World Coalition Against the Death Penalty just left after spending several days in NH, underscoring the reality that whether in Taiwan or the Congo or the Carribean nations, if the US still has the death penalty, human rights in other countries will continue to be imperiled.

To say this is an historic moment is not overstating things.
We are hearing that some Senators can still be won over to the cause. Let's make tomorrow the biggest public showing possible so our lawmakers can have no doubt that the world is watching. 

We will start meeting up at 8AM so that by 8:30 we can be in place on the State House lawn when legislators show up for their caucus meetings. 

For those tuning in from afar, at 9AM we are encouraging supporters to light a candle and to send positive thoughts our way. Full details are here: Please help spread the word!