John R. White For NH State Senate

John R. White: We Did Badly Under Bradley — And He's Proud Of That

"...I intend to run on the record — Jeb's record. It's a litany of shame that includes opposition to and elimination of a New Hampshire minimum wage, support for continuation of a sub-minimum wage for the disabled, support for elimination of paper payroll checks in favor of electronic credits or debit cards, support for tax credits to support private and religious school scholarships, support for stringent voter ID requirements — he even voted to rescind state park discounts for the elderly and disabled!" John R. White

With campaign season upon us, and John White running for office, we thought it would be good to pull out from the archive John White's excellent presentation about effective writing, specifically letters to the editor. This video was originally a joint project of the SCDC & the RochesterDemocratic Committee. It was called On How To Write An Effective Letter To The Editor. The Farmington Dems choose to film it so it could be shared and reshaped for future efforts.