Rob Greenfield-The Food Waste Fiasco: You Have to See It to Believe it

-We throw away 165 billion dollars worth of food per year in America. That's more than the budgets for America's national parks, public libraries, federal prisons, veteran's health care, the FBI, and the FDA combined.

-About 50 million of our 317 million Americans are food insecure yet we produce enough food to feed over 500 million Americans.

-To create just the amount of food that ends up in the landfills we waste enough water to meet the domestic water needs of every American citizen.

Rob Greenfield is an adventurer, environmental activist, and entrepreneur on a mission to inspire you to live with more happiness, health, and freedom. He is best known for riding a bamboo bike across America twice, a year without showering for water conservation awareness, and dumpster diving to bring attention to food waste and hunger. Rob is also an inspirational writer, world traveler, ambassador to 1% for the Planet, and founder of The Greenfield Group.