Kyle Leach-New Stonewall Film Erases The Most Important Transgender Women And Black Drag Queens From Our Story

From looking at the trailer, once again, white gay males have succeeded in making something completely about them. This film, about the single greatest flashpoint for LGBTQ culture in the 20th century, which should have been a glowing portrait of the strength and tenacity of people of color, drag queens, and those who are transgendered in our community, turns out to be nothing but a hollow, self indulgent, salute to a fictionalized, sanitized, white gay male culture. 

We are to believe white men are the saviors of our people and the real history and real people of those events have been relegated to side bars and background noise. How predictable that we all owe everything to a man, named Danny, with glowing white skin, so bright everyone else has to wear shades. Those who came before us deserve so much better that this, our young people deserve much better than this. Please do not support this revisionist history. Our people don't have time for this inane, racist, misogynistic, waste.

Must Read-Viktor Kerney @wondermann5 - And A White Boy Shall Lead Them: The Whitewashing of the Stonewall Movie

"The trailer, claiming to be a ‘true story’, tells the audience that a young, white, cisgender, gay man was the first to throw a brick and start the Stonewall Riots.  In truth, real historical truth based on hundreds of eye witness accounts and documented evidence that Roland Emmerich seems to have completely skipped over or simply ignored, the riots were started by black drag queens and transgender women. Yep, sorry eager film audiences but you’re waiting to watch a lie.  The film that is being depicted as the historical telling of one of the most important moments in LGBT+ history is completely fictitious.  Yes, the riot actually happened, that’s not made up, but everything else in this film appears to be." Amy Walker


From GSA Network:

To all considering watching the newest whitewashed version of queer history,
It is time that black and brown transwomyn and drag queens are recognized for their efforts in the riots throughout the nation. From the preview alone, we know that will not be happening . Majority of characters casted are white actors, cis men play the role of transwomyn, and folks who began the riots do not seem to be credited with such revolutionary acts. 

WE ARE CALLING A BOYCOTT OF STONEWALL. Do not throw money at the capitalistic industry that fails to recognize true s/heros. Do not support a film that erases our history. Do not watch Stonewall.

Tell your own history! Use social media to recall what you know to be true of Stonewall. Film your own short films. Make videos, write poems, sing songs. CONTINUE TO TEACH TRUE HISTORY.