Black Lives Matter! Vigil November 20th 6PM Market Square Portsmouth, NH

November 20th

We can no longer stand by when black lives are discounted. The absence of accountability in the recent deaths of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and Eric Garner and the death of 12 year old Tamir Rice are a breaking point in humanity’s conscience and the inception of a new movement in America.

The message of the vigil is that we no longer accept the systematic abuse of people of color, and that the militarized police forces racial profiling, and pattern of excessive force by police are unacceptable, as is all institutionalized inequality.

Please join us, get involved and show that humanity is better than this and that there will be change.
Presented by Occupy NH Seacoast. Occupy NH Seacoast is a local group working to promote social and economic equality worldwide.