NH Debates-Senate and House Democratic Leaders Join Call For Additional NH Debate In Press Conference Today

New Hampshire Debates

Senate and House Democratic Leaders Join the Call for an Additional New Hampshire Debate; Press Conference Wednesday

CONCORD, NH – Senate Democratic Leader Jeff Woodburn and House Democratic Leader Steve Shurtleff have joined the 120-member New Hampshire Debates coalition working to facilitate an additional Democratic presidential debate before the February 9th New Hampshire Primary.

Sen. Woodburn and Rep. Shurtleff join nearly three dozen other current legislators who believe New Hampshire voters would benefit from a prime time debate at the height of voters’ attention.  The sole New Hampshire debate is currently scheduled for the Saturday night before Christmas; a suboptimal time slot.

The news of additional legislators and activists signing on to New Hampshire Debates comes as the group is gearing up for  a press conference to discuss a recent meeting with NH1 and the importance of a debate between the Iowa Caucus and the New Hampshire Primary. The press conference will be at 11:45 AM on Wednesday, November 4 in the lobby of the Legislative Office Building in Concord.

New Hampshire Debates consists of current and former elected officials, town and county democratic leaders, democratic activists, supporters of all three presidential campaigns and undecided leaders who believe strongly that the Primary tradition of free and open debate transcends any one presidential campaign. The coalition has been meeting with media, non-profit organizations, and private and public educational and civic institutions to secure at least one additional debate before the New Hampshire Primary.

The Members of New Hampshire Debates include:

Rep. Michael Abbott
David Allen
Rep. Susan Almy
Jeffery Ballard
Dean Barker
Hon. Mo Baxley
Raj Bhattacharya
Hon. Peter Burling
Dan Calegari
Bernadette Cameron
Beth Campbell
Hon. Lorrie Carey
Hon. Byron Champlin
Rep. Cynthia Chase
Rep. Jackie Cilley
Sen. Martha Fuller Clark
Hon. Burt Cohen
Rep. John Cloutier
Rep. Renny Cushing
Sen. Lou D’Allesandro
Robert Dietel
Clara Dietel
Hon. Dudley Dudley
Gerald Dyer
Rep. Dan Eaton
Lucy Edwards
Hon. Eileen Ehlers
Robert Ehlers
Brent Erstad
Lew Feldstein
Nathan Fennessey
Rep. Sue Ford
Rep. June Frazer
Stan Freeda
Caroline French
Hon. Sylvia Gale
Rep. Jeff Goley
Irvin Gordon
Rep. Sue Gottling
Hon. Martin L. Gross
Ronna Hamelin
Rachel Hampe
Matthew Hancock
Dr. Travis Harker
John Hattan
Zandra Rice-Hawkins
Ann Heffernon
Mary Heslin
Rep. Patricia Higgins
Rep. Timothy Horrigan
Rep. Virginia Irwin
Sen. Andrew Hosmer
Rep. Marty Jack
Hon. Harold Janeway
Rep. Gladys Johnsen
Don Jorgensen
Ed Kaplan
Brian Keaney
Janice Kelbe
Ben Kelley
Karina Kelley
Quinn Kelley
Eric Tolbert Kilchenstein
Rob Lanney
Jonathan Lax
Kyle Leach
Rep. Peter Leishman
Derek Lick
Rep. Pat Long
Hon. Maureen Mann
Rep. Marcia Moody
Kathy Muirhead
Prof. Russ Muirhead
Rep. Mel Myler
James Owers
Linda Paquette
Chia-Huei Parker
David Parker
Hon. Norman Patenaude
Rep. Marjorie Porter
Shana Potvin
Hon. Brian Rapp
Rep. Mario Ratzki
John Rauh
Mary Rauh
Alan Reische
Joan Reische
Hon. Gary Richardson
Ken Roos
Jim Rosenberg
Rep. George Saunderson
Atlant Schmidt
Hon. Jan Schmidt
Rep. Dianne Schuett
Brian Shea
Rep. Steve Shurtleff
Jayme Simoes
Laura Simoes
Dr. Bill Siroty
Rep. Marjorie Smith
Robert Spiegelman
Lynne Starry
Bill Stelling
Tom St. Martin
Jay Surdukowski
Rep. George Sykes
Jim Tetreault
AnnMarie Timmins
Ken Traum
William Tucker
Michael Veilleux
Donna Veilleux
Sen. David Watters
Rep. Lucy Weber
Dan Weeks
Sindiso Mnisi Weeks
Pat Wilczynski
Sen. Jeff Woodburn
Ann Wright
Josh Wyatt